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CSK is focused on their clients growing their existing business, WINNING new contracts and growing into adjacent markets. A company strategy has to be supported by ACQUISITION STRATEGY at the business unit level.

Is your acquisition strategy planning process an annual rite to be endured, or a process resulting in:

  • ambitious targets,

  • adapts to changing markets, 

  • providing guidance through managers to the front lines.

Let's discuss your next opportunity and how CSK can help you 'jump start' your Acquisition Strategy.   

OUR TEAM EXPERIENCE  Is based on ‘best practices’ that we have implemented; have advisors that know a strong Acquisition Strategy supports the company and key questions to ask; have led strong Capture Teams and trained others, conducted pipeline analysis and developed near term ‘go to market strategies’ for selected few.  Going from good to great – companies develop the critical capability of designing acquisition strategies years in advance of a same of similar requirement. Is your strategic planning process ‘one-N-done’ or is it a repeatable and measurable annual event ? 

Who is on your Dedicated Advisory Board - that is familiar with advising you on business issues:

  • Marketing and/or Sales

  • Financing or business expansion

Is it composed of local business professionals to help with the direct operation of your company and to keep you informed on various business, legal and financial trends that may affect you and your business? 


What is your Strategic Acquisition Marketing Team focused on ? Does it think 'outside the box':

  • Where Business Development is focused on 'early' procurement analysis, to gather business intelligence, budget timelines, and competitor profiles

  • having an ability to bring experienced consultants to strategy development, resulting in balanced strategic direction and investment  in long range planning.

CSK can assist with bringing the right people together, quickly moving toward your goals.  


Conduct Assessment of Team Strategy - regarding strategic business opportunities focused on WINNING government sector business.

Acquisition Strategy Development – Customized and guided by a measurable action plan to develop additional insight and business intelligence, previously unavailable.

Do you have an Acquisition Strategy Plan

  • tailored to each 'Must WIN' opportunity identifying key events and custom plans ?

  • designed to submit WINNING Proposals

  • that brings an objective solution based on known customer requirements,

  • incorporates subcontractor team design and competitive business team reviews.

Acquisition Strategy transforms vision into actions that drive solutions based on customer requirements and satisfaction.

KEY Capabilities

CSK can bring:

  • Business Development augmentation and Management

  • Strategic Marketing teaming and planning

  • Systems Engineering and Test Planning

  • Program 'jump start' planning and augmentation 

  • Shaping the acquisition strategy

  • Business Transformation Services

You are invited to contact CSK for a complimentary consultation, and let us help you bring

together people, process and technology to move forward in achieving your business goals.

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