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More Opportunities

More Opportunities


Acquisition strategy is important :

  • As an initial document for any organization; large or small,

  • As a fundamental document for the current and future competitiveness of the company

  • Providing a vision, course of action, and defines success for everyone in the organization to understand

 Photo gallery reflects the Acquisition phases: 

  •  Qualified Strategic Opportunity,

  •  Aim or focused effort,

  •  Target of Opportunity is 'hit',

  •  Qualify more opportunities.


 Probability of WIN (Pwin)  is related to the focused Acquisition Strategy that CSK is capable of building for your opportunity, 

Let's discuss your next opportunity and how CSK can help you.  

Is your Acquisition Strategy understood within your organization and support your strategic business pursuits?

CSK institutes and monitors a tailored methodology to answer 5 important factors prior to successful implementation.

  1. Accountability:

    • Who owns the objective of the plan?   Who is responsible for implementing plan into organization?

    • Who is responsible for each strategic initiative?

    • Who is responsible for defining, collecting, reporting on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) ?

  2. Does your strategy 'flow down' into the organization –  strategy must effectively flow down into the bottom levels of the organization 

  3. Is Resource Allocation addressed – People with the right skills and capabilities have the tools, time and budget to aggressively implement the plan

  4. Implement change into the organization – manage the consistency and professional application of
    change.  Oversee strategic change thru:

  • Sponsors – Executives and managers implement policy changes

  • Champions – Can be self-appointed and feel strongly for the need to change

  • Targets of Change – Are people directly impacted by change, and assess how the changes will affect them and why it is necessary  

  5.  Establish performance metrics for the Strategic Plan – Measuring the implementation of a strategic plan is a series of sequential events occurring over time.

KEY Capabilities

CSK capabilities bring value:

  • More than 25 years of acquisition and proposal experience

  • Acquisition Strategy results in customer understanding strengths of our team, we have definable customer requirements, enabling our proposal to highlight customer focused discriminators

  • Designing, building and implementing Capture Plans resulting in a proposal WIN rate of more than 80% producing  $B in contracts

  • Capture Team leaders and certified proposal team leads bring their experience to produce efficient and effective schedules, seamlessly supporting each phase, with lower cost

  • Tailored  capture methodology that validates the opportunity, engages senior management and results in fact filled - Go / No Go decisions

  • CSK designs your tailored Capture Plan deliverables, to transition into the Proposal Plan e.g. Campaign Marketing Plan, teaming agreements and several marketing strategy documents

CSK Led Capture Teams quickly develop Strategy Plans that WIN Bids, Proposals or Tenders.

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