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WINNING Proposals are the Life Blood of a company. Building a WINNING Proposal:

  • Start Early; CSK Strategy is about WINNING

  • Focus Capture Teams on identification, creation, and communication of differentiators

  • Proposals are compliant AND convincing

  • Proposals are based on events, facts and great solutions.

As shown in pictures 'Opportunity was qualified, proposal Nailed it, Contract Awarded '

Let's discuss your next opportunity and how CSK can help you 'jump start' your proposal team. 

OUR TEAM. Helped Fortune 100 Corporations WIN $MM programs during the past three decades - DOCUMENTED RESULTS ARE AVAILABLE.


We have experienced personnel that are:

  • flexible enough to use your process or bring our proven processes,

  • creating well defined capture and proposal plans for an improved Pwin

  • skilled at developing proposals that are compliant, compelling and  meet affordability and low risk solution criteria,

  • trainers for - on and off-campus training in strategy execution, Business Development, Capture and Proposal development, focus on ‘proactive Vs reactive’ capture activities leading to award WINNING proposals, that deliver,

  • employ a proven Methodology, highlight discriminators, and present proposal solutions. 


We have extensive leadership to augment your program team until your in-house resources are trained and ready to meet your requirements and the demands of your customer.​

CSK has a broad base of experienced personnel;

  • Director of Defense Contracts

  • Assistant Secretary of Army R&D Program Management,

  • Executive VP Business Development,

  • Director of Systems Engineering,

  • Director of Risk Analysis and Management,

  • Senior Executive System Testing and Non-Intrusive (NI) Testing,

  • Systems Health Management Operations

If you are looking to:

  • Develop an Acquisition Strategy

  • Conduct Strategy and Color Team Reviews

  • Conduct Capture Planning

  • Develop Proposal Budget, schedule and staff

  • Outline customer requirements

  • Design an integrated plan to 'jump start' post-award CSK for a complimentary consultation, and let us help you bring together people, process and technology to move forward in achieving your business goals.

KEY Capabilities

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