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Contact CSK to learn how to ‘stretch’ your critically short budget, using resources more effectively, and still ‘grow the business’ by WINNING quality opportunities.  After all that IS what it’s about….

Let's discuss your next opportunity and how CSK can help you.

Acquisition STRATEGY - delivers 60% of the factual data for the proposal, it does not occur by happenstance, Leadership Team knows the Strategy and focused actionable events render data and information against general acquisition requirements may be used in specific sections of the proposal material.

  What is your acquisition STRATEGY for your upcoming opportunity? 


Acquisition Strategy delivers two key products:

  • understanding of your team strength

  • understanding of customer requirements

Strategy can focus individual efforts to design a WINNING customer solution 

large or small, What is your acquisition strategy for the upcoming opportunity? 


Proposals need a plan. Do your proposals employ a methodology for:

  • Developing Baseline Solution from Strategy

  • Discriminate our offer

  • Present affordable solutions

Proposals are the life blood of a company. Did you know there is a methodology for developing proposals based on Systems Engineering principals?


Business Development Consulting is focused on GROWING the business based on a methodology of analysis, observation and measurable implementation plans.  Ultimately employing a redesigned process to improve the supply pipeline.  Is your planning process ‘one-n-done’ or updated with measurable results?

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